Avocado Toast

Today I watched a video ad on Snap Chat and it made me really think about a topic that comes up daily....and it drives me insane hearing about it all the time. The ad showed different women receiving compliments and as they received it a photo was taken of them because a smile takes over their faces. Some of the compliments were "Your smile is beautiful", "You're very successful", and "You have great hair". Then the same compliments were given, only this time, "for your age" was added to the end of the statement. When the pictures were taken the smiles faded and looks of shock and anger took over. Then I asked myself, why are we so obsessed with age? In that same thought, the daily topic of Millennials in the workplace came to me and I then thought, why are we so obsessed with categorizing people by their age? 

Before I was even out of college and "in the real world", I quickly started noticing how often people talked about Millennials in the workplace. Now, here I am in the real world and it is still being talked about, as if older generations still don't understand how to deal with us. We're not aliens, we are people, who just happen to think and look at the world differently. We're not looking to get married, buy a house and have six kids right out of college. Instead we're spending $12 on avocado toast even though we only have $35.60 in our bank account because we just paid a monthly student loan payment. This doesn't make us terrible human beings that don't belong in the workplace. If anything, the stigma needs to be broken and welcome people that have a different way of looking at things. The same ideas, same personalities and same business plan will only create a complacent workplace that will only spiral down the drain because no one wants to work for you. Embrace change and welcome Millennials with open doors. I don't mean open doors like acknowledge the fact that we are in the workplace and talk about it with your employees as a learning experience, to then only bash us the entire time. Yes, this happened and it was very insulting. I know it's a little scary that we aren't going through life just like you, but it will be okay.

10 Thoughts That Go Through a Millennial's Mind On the Daily. 
1. Quit griping that we're always on our phones, you're just as bad. It's nice to have a quick break from work to reset. Memes make the day better! 
2. Thanksgiving has turned into an interview on why I am not married yet. 
3. Oh shit It's Christmas, here comes the interview on why I don't have kids yet. 
4. No Barbara, I can't afford a house right now. I make $25,00 a year with a Master's degree. 
5. Seriously Barbara, you don't have to speak to a manager. I bet there's a coupon code on Retail Me Not. 
6. Barbara: How do I.....
    Me: Just google it! 
7. I'm not really sure what everyone means by entitled Millennial. I'd like to meet one to see what they're actually like. 
8. Why are older people so against sleep? Why is it so terrible that I slept until 10 am? I get up early five days a week. Isn't that enough?  
9. Barbara, why do you still have all of your prom dresses in your closet? Wait, whose dresses are these? Why do you have every single one of your daughter's dresses they ever wore? What are you going to do with them?
10. Barbara, I don't care if the avocado toast is $12. You have a cabinet full of china that you have never used.  
(FYI my avocado toast was only $6. It was half price Happy Apps at Shenanigans and there were 4 pieces!) 

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