When Killing Someone With Kindness Kills You More

"Just kill them with kindness and keep smiling". These are words of wisdom that have always been in the back of my mind, and lately I have been reciting them to myself more and more. This almost seems backwards that I am having to remind myself of these words as an adult, more so than when I was younger. It's like everything my parents instilled in me and everything I learned in college about the professional world, has just been completely thrown out the window. At what point do you give in and stop trying to be polite? At what point do you stop smiling and saying good morning to the people who don't say anything back, but then delightfully acknowledge the person behind you by name? I ask myself where I went wrong or what I could have possibly done to make someone laugh at me during a presentation. I ask myself how these same people openly claim to walk by the faith of God, while at the same time they treat someone like they are a lesser human being for no reason at all. I find myself with all of these questions, but not one answer. I leave it up to my character and hope that one day you need my help. I will keep smiling and lend my hand to you.

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