My name is Michele and I am the owner of Monroe Stil. I have always had a plan to open some kind of clothing boutique, but wasn't quite sure when or where to get started. After moving away from Monroe County, IL I realized that I really missed the atmosphere, the people, and all of the great little home town shops, as well as all of the shopping options that were nearby in St. Louis, MO. That is when I decided to open an online and pop-up boutique! 

The name Monroe Stil has a few hidden meanings that gives the boutique an identity of its own. First, Monroe is the county in which I was born and raised. I think back to when I was younger and couldn't wait to move away. Well, now I have and I miss it like crazy! For those of you that are not familiar with the county, it is located just east of St. Louis. Monroe county is made up of small towns that are known for farming and their rich German heritage, which brings me to the next hidden meaning. Stil is German for style. There is a wide range of women's styles that can be seen around Monroe county. Being a farming community, many women can be seen in their jeans and boots during the day and then changing into a little black dress for a night out in St. Louis. If you're lucky you might even see a few people dressed in their lederhosen. Monroe Stil looks to provide this large range of styles, not only for Monroe County natives, but for everyone else that is looking to explore new styles. From comfy active and casual wear to formal and business attire, Monroe Stil has something for you!